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Book Review: Free Will by Sam Harris

A neuroscientist, philosopher, and all-around bright guy takes a clear look at our concept of free will. Read More »

Christopher Hitchens: Man of the Year

The late Christopher Hitchens; political analyst, cultural critic, rational debater, and undisputed man of 2011. Read More »

No Books, Just Covers and Judgements

The thrill is gone, its time we wise up to the potentially stupefying affects of uncritical social media use. Read More »

Thoughts on the Big Three; A Rational Look at Conventional Wisdom in Politics

The benefits of considering the positives and negatives of conservatism, modern liberalism, and libertarianism far outweigh any conceivable drawbacks. Read More »

The Delaware Way: Facing the Anti-Republican Right

A new war is developing in American politics, but not between right and left. Read More »

DVD Review: Bill Moyers: On Faith & Reason

A fascinating look at the topic. Read More »

The Filmic Collage of Buster Keaton

How Buster Keaton went full-steam ahead into the hurricane world of the Irrational. Read More »

The Virtue of Selfishness: Using Reason to Realize One’s Full Potential

Please refrain from throwing the rotten tomatoes until you have read the article. Thanks. Read More »