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Ronald Reagan: The Model of Moderate Libertarianism

There may never be another Reagan but his example shows the way for libertarian Republicans to change the party. Read More »

Only in America: How to Meet Ronald Reagan, Tour Richard Nixon’s Limousine, and See the White House Built in a Day

Thoughts on a few things which could happen, well, only in America. Read More »

Forever Young-minded

Americans cannot handle having an adult in power. How's THAT gonna work out for ya, America? Read More »

To My Fellow Liberals, Including President Obama, Quit Yer Whinin’!

Was it really a Republican tsunami? In the long view of American political history, no. Read More »

Book Review: The Dead Hand: The Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race and its Dangerous Legacy by David E. Hoffman

“Today, the weapons to destroy civilization, the legacy of the Cold War, are still with us. They are a lethal machine that haunts the globe." Read More »

The Right Wing and Their Media Empire – Fact Checkers Need Not Apply

Why do conservatives allow their own pundits to lie so blatantly to them? Read More »

Cheney Had An “Executive Assassination Ring?” The Plot Thickens

Right now, it's just a conspiracy theory. I hope that's all it will ever be. Read More »