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In Berlin, Obama Calls for Arms Reduction


In liberal garb, Obama has revived his vision of a world free of nuclear weapons. Is this a wise posture at this moment in history? Read More »

Barack Hussein Obama: The Most Conservative Republican President Since Eisenhower

Do the Republicans really fear President Obama? Or are they simply wishing they had had a president this conservative? Read More »

The GOP Is Looney Tunes; But That’s Not the Real Tragedy

Reagan won the Cold War, for which he richly deserves great praise, but with a nine word commandment he fatally poisoned the Republican Party. Read More »

Amerinomics, Part One: Going Back to School

Both the Austrian and Keynesian schools have flunked the American economy. Is there a better way for the future? Read More »

Say What?

Words formulating Romney’s thoughts are sound-bites, not the paragraphs of the radio era. It is bumper-sticker rhetoric, ideal for Twitter. Read More »

Revisionism is Alive and Well

In the final analysis, Ronald Reagan was a big government liberal. Read More »

Rick Perry: A Much Lesser Reagan

The Texas governor's real record does not bode well in the Republican primary Read More »

The Republican Big Lies about Taxes and Government Spending

Taxes are too high! And the cow jumped over the moon. Read More »

Voter ID: See You in Court

It is a small step for the GOP that displays the party's antipathy to Civil Rights. Read More »

Scott Walker: Making a Name for Himself

Walker’s anything-but-Reagan moment in the national spotlight provides an interesting trial balloon for public opinion and a sticky problem for public affairs professionals. Read More »