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Interview: ‘The Whispers’ Executive Producer Zack Estrin


Blogcritics exclusive interview with the executive producer of ABC's new series "The Whispers." Read More »

Music Review: Josh Nelson – ‘Exploring Mars’


For us timid souls unlikely to be exploring anything at all, Josh Nelson’s 'Exploring Mars' offers a welcome taste of what we’re missing. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Bound To Last’ by Sean Manning and Ray Bradbury


Reading in the bath is one of life’s simple but enduring pleasures, but something e-Reader users would likely never risk. Read More »

From Gilgamesh to the Moon and Beyond: The Enduring Geekdom of Science Fiction


Science fiction is metaphor for a troubled world and a medium to give expression to the apprehensions we all feel as we advance into the unknown. Read More »

Saturday Program Highlights for Comic-Con International 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 7.05.14 PM

I'm feeling good about this Saturday collection of panels. Read More »

DVD Review: The Halloween Tree

Ray Bradbury, Leonard Nimoy, Halloween, Sci-fi and horror fans all should have this in their collection. Read More »

Comic-Con International 2012 Report, Part 2

For four days in July we look at the world around us with wonder. Read More »

DVD Review: Equillibrium

After he was psycho and before he was Batman, Christian Bale was somewhere in-between in this gun-heavy futuristic thriller. Read More »

Book Review: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Everyone should read this novel about a dystopian society: it's a warning for all who don't think for themselves. Read More »

Remembering the Troubled Years – the Plaintive Fifties

The fifties were a time of searching, and torment for the young. Read More »