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A New Idea For Pilot Season

Airing failed pilots is a lose-lose, but if we had a pilot season, it could be a win-win. Read More »

AMC’s Rubicon Gets the Axe

AMC cancels Rubicon. Read More »

AMC’s Rubicon: Fate and the Finale

TV by the Numbers founder Robert Seidman on ratings and Rubicon --and some final thought on the series' first season. Read More »

Libertarian Party of Texas Campaigns Against Fellow Libertarians

The Libertarian Party in Texas is a sad joke and an obstacle to advancing libertarian ideals in the state. Read More »

TV Review: House, M.D. – “Unwritten”

Amy Irving and Hugh Laurie face off as Dr. House and his children's author patient in "Unwritten" on House, M.D. Read More »

The Cancellation of Good TV Shows

Are some TV shows too good to last? Read More »

House, M.D. and the Ratings Game: A Differential Diagnosis

What causes the ratings of a hit series to dip? It's complicated. Read More »

TV Review: The Event: A Second Look and Can Lone Star Be Saved?

For solid storytelling, The Event and Lone Star should not be missed. Read More »

Children’s Books: Rated E — for Everyone

Should children's literature come with warning labels? Read More »

Book Review: Movie Viewer Extraordinaire: Discerning the Influences of Movies on Your Freedom, Family and Happiness by Teri Haux

Take back control of your family. Understand the aim of the media. Read More »