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Rand Paul Picks up Key Endorsement – His Father


There is not one candidate who has run for president in my lifetime who can say they fully share my commitment to liberty, Austrian economics, small government, and following the Constitution, [more] than my son, Rand Paul. Read More »

An Open Letter to Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd moves to throw her hat in the three-ring circus that is Kentucky politics. Read More »

Senate Wars Episode II: Attack of the Drones

Like that old movie slogan tells you, “Be afraid; be very afraid.” Read More »

Mike Lee Passes Amendment to Protect Civil Liberties in NDAA

It's not perfect, but the Senate has finally listened to the people and protected civil liberties in the NDAA Read More »

Defense Bill Includes Authorization for Indefinite Detention of US Citizens

A section of the Defense appropriations act could make it possible for US Citizens to be detained indefinitely by the military. Read More »

Because They Can

Is hiring discrimination ever okay? Read More »

Despite Past Blunders, NRSC Once Again Campaigning for Perpetual Incumbency

A level playing field in primary elections gives the people a chance to be heard and vote for the changes in leadership we need. Read More »

Tea Party Favorite Rand Paul Speaks His Mind

Rand Paul, the junior Senator from Kentucky, is a fearless firebrand on issues of terrorism. Read More »

Off-Year Election Offers Potential Advantages for Grassroots Candidates

Liberty Republicans like Phil Moffett have a unique opportunity to win key offices in this off year election. Read More »

Cato Policy Perspectives 2011; The State of the Federal Budget

Comparing the approaches to balancing the budget. Read More »