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Music News: Black Sabbath to Release Their First Album with Ozzy in 35 Years

The upcoming Black Sabbath album 13 will be the first Ozzy-fronted full-length since Never Say Die! in 1978. Read More »

Classically Inclined

Putting aside my usual musical taste and learning to love the flavor of classical music, one bite at a time. Read More »

Music Review: Street Sweeper Social Club – The Ghetto Blaster EP

Tom Morello doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel this time out. He just wants to rock your next party. Read More »

Time to Rage Against the Corporate Pop Machine

Will Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name" rescue popular music and give it some originality again? Read More »

Killing in the Name Of

Maybe all of us need to say to those who would incite violence that no, that isn’t the answer and it isn’t the way. Read More »

Music Review: State Radio – State of Georgia (Live Acoustic EP)

I am impressed with this little EP, lacking in length perhaps, but definitely not lacking in enthusiasm. Read More »