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U.S. Open Tennis Finals – Fee-Fi-Ho-Hum

Novak Djokovic

Is this truly the best tennis we are going to see until the next slam in January? Read More »

French Open 2011: Marathon Man Comes Up Short

Day three of the French Open saw top seed Rafael Nadal survive a tense five-setter against the giant American John Isner. Read More »

Tennis Tips: What You Can Learn From The Pros

The magic keys to winning tennis. Read More »

Wet T-Shirts, Dry Humor and a Phantom Pregnancy

Rafael Nadal tackled the home favorite at the Australian Open, while two top women players took a swipe at the media. Read More »

A Sports Fan’s New Year’s Resolutions

I don't know how long I can keep these, but I can promise you I will make it until tomorrow. Read More »

Damp Squib In Delhi?

After a disastrous build up, can the XIX Commonwealth Games in Delhi offer sports fans something to cheer about? Read More »

Peevish and Butt-head

"Underpaid" snooker players, cheating cricketers and foolish administrators bring the world of sport into disrepute. Read More »

Rafael Nadal: A Great Tennis Player and a Very Good Sport

Long ago I had a baseball coach who said, "It easy to be a good sport, a good loser; the hardest thing to be is a good winner." Read More »

Johannesburg’s Night To Remember: Spain Reigns In 2010 World Cup Final

The 2010 FIFA World Cup Final brought Spanish joy, Dutch disgrace and the Spanish Royal seal of approval. Read More »

Wimbledon 2010: Of Shrieks, Spaniards, And Serena

Will the players, the spectators, or the technology make the biggest impact at the world's greatest tennis tournament? Read More »