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Christmas Songs on the Radio on Veteran’s Day – Stop the Insanity!

As I heard the lyrics, “It’s that time of year/when the world falls in love….” I felt like screaming, “No, it’s not that time of year yet!” Read More »

Obamanomics: Time to Tell it Like it is

Much has been said about President Obama's economic ideas, but is any of it true? Read More »

The Internet: Where Great DJs Go When Radio Goes Bad

When 105.9 The Edge went off the air in Washington, the suddenly-out-of-work jocks didn't complain — they took their acts online. Read More »

Why I Still Heart Pandora Radio

IHeartRadio. I heart Pandora. In the end, which one will I heart more? Read More »

Public Radio Fundraising Could Use an Update

This is for all of us who have to endure with pledge drives. Read More »

Rock and Roll: An Endangered Species?

As rock stations continue to disappear, rock seems to be on life support. But is this true? Read More »

Pandora and Its Challenge to Conventional AM/FM Radio

Welcome to the long, slow death of conventional radio - and the Pandora app that is helping dig its grave. Read More »

From Rags to Riches to Rehab: Lessons from the Ted Williams Story

One Nashville real estate mogul feels a calling to help the homeless—golden-voiced or otherwise. Read More »

Social Media Has No Place in Combat

Today's military spouse is privy to an unnatural amount of information that doesn't ease the burden and instead feeds it with fear – in bulk. Read More »

Classical Radio: It’s Not Dead…Yet

As radio listenership declines, classical music suffers the most. But you can help. Read More »