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The Kelly Files: White Christmas, White Santa


Megyn Kelly looks into the television camera and speaks in a manner that suggests she thinks there are only white children in Santa Claus’s world. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Quick With Flies’ by Jessica Schneider

Quick With Flies

Yet who will film Jessica Schneider's book, and be the first to hee-haw and misinterpret her? Read More »

Book Review: ‘Telegraph Avenue’ by Michael Chabon

Ulf Andersen Portraits - Michael Chabon

A wonderful celebration of the glorious mess of life and community. Read More »

Holly Black and Sarah Reece Brennan Offer Advice on Crafting Diversity in Fantasy


Two YA fantasists discuss the dynamics of diversity. Read More »

Book Review: Is ‘Black’ Really Beautiful?: Dehumanizing and Intentional Ethics of Descriptions and Vilifying Philosophies of Naming by Kuir ë Garang


The subject is touchy to many and talked about on a realistic level by very few. Read More »

The Last Voyage of Ray Harryhausen


Sinbad sails again in a film honoring the late great visual effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen. Read More »

Black, White, East, West

This perilous world that so many of us yearn to change is the inevitable consequence of the color line. Read More »

“I Don’t See Race.”

It is how we see race and not whether we see it that is the issue. Read More »

What Is the Face of Racism?

It is not the Wade Michael Pages, but every day people who will decide the fate of our nation. Read More »

Brown Like Her

I will need to raise a son who is not only "brown like me," but "brown like her." Read More »