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Will Charlotte Church Avert Global Economic Armageddon and Save the World?

Is Charlotte Church about to solve all our economic woes? Read this article and you might find out. Or not. Read More »

Reflections on the Future of Capitalism – Or the Scavenger Hunt

Rats abandoning the sinking ship used to be an apt metaphor, but I’m afraid our once respected banking industry has raised it a notch better: while at it, why not sell what remains for scrap? Read More »

Bernanke is Still Clueless

Ben Bernanke has been consistently wrong in the past. Why does anybody listen to him anymore? Read More »

China Raises Reserve Requirements amid Inflation Concerns

China increased its reserves requirement ratio amid increasing inflation, causing global stocks to tumble. Read More »

Your Vote Didn’t Count Last Tuesday

Fed policy decision cancels out the voice of voters. Read More »

Stimulus Spenders and Their Silly Excuses

At the end of the day, government spending, quantitative easing or whatever the political establishment wants to call it simply doesn’t work. Read More »