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What To Do, What To Do: The Crime of Sexual Assault


Our societal barometer is broken. Read More »

Prisons Within Prisons: An Interview with Prison Law Expert Christopher Zoukis


In most federal prisons, there is a building designated the Special Housing Unit. This can be thought of as a prison within a prison. Read More »

To Spank or Not to Spank

There is only one reason to raise your hand to a child: not knowing another way. Read More »

When a Parenting Expert Collides with Parents’ Experience

Some parents are more "expert" than others. Read More »

Stoning Highlights Extremism of Taliban

Stoning as a punishment for adultery is not supported by the Q'ran and may be poor strategy for the Taliban Read More »

While Fighting in Iraq, Soldier Loses Home to HOA

For what America are our troops fighting for? For the New America of HOA-land or the America of our forefathers? Read More »

Releasing The Ripper

What do we expect from our prison system? Read More »