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The Health Care All Of Us Want

The Republicans insist they have been excluded from the health care reform process. Yet, the White House's website refutes this claim. Read More »

Dems Like Howard Dean Just Don’t Get It

Why are the people of America angry and frustrated? Read More »

Senator Joe Lieberman: “Public Option is Unnecessary”

“Joe the Senator” believes that it is wrong for our government to take over the health insurance industry. So do many Americans. Read More »

Capitol Idea: Why Government-Run Healthcare Is Good For Business

New poll shows corporate America ought to be first in line to embrace public option Read More »

The Public Health Option and Market Competition

A discussion on how the proposed public health option influences the insurance market Read More »

A Public Option Even Blue Dogs and Republicans Can Embrace

A market oriented public plan would help rein in costs and make insurance affordable without raising taxes or the deficit. Read More »