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Movie Review: ‘Tom at the Farm’ Is a Haunting, Homoerotic Hitchcock Homage


Xavier Dolan's psychosexual thriller from 2013 finally receives a U.S. release, and it was worth the wait. Read More »

Movie Review: Storytelling

This movie is a film director's very own personal diss track. Read More »

Book Review: Wally Wander by NovaMelia

When Wally is young, she learns that being her friend can be dangerous to your health. Read More »

DVD Review: Injustice

Takes you into very grey moral territory and leaves you stranded there to find your own way out. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: The Perfect Host (2010)

Huh, what do you know: David Hyde Pierce is perfect! Read More »

DVD Review: The Tenant (2010)

Psychological creeper crossed with a gore fest, sounds like it should be fun, right? Read More »

DVD Review: Evil Things

A mess-with-your-psyche horror film that leaves you paranoid and looking over your shoulder. Read More »

Book Review: The Woman in the Fifth by Douglas Kennedy

Jilted in time! Read More »

Movie Review: The Perfect Host – The Dinner Party as Dying Art

"You can't kill me. I'm having a dinner party": The Perfect Host Read More »

Book Review: Autumn by David Moody

When the world ends and the dead rise, will you be ready? Read More »