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Killed by Police: Not Only in Ferguson, But All of America

Eleanor Bumpurs: Shotgunned to death by police in 1984

There is a long, long history of white cops receiving immunity after shooting and killing black people needlessly. Read More »

Book Review: Why It Is Kicking Off Everywhere by Paul Mason

A colourful, thoughtful History 1.3 version of this turbulent, unfinished period. Read More »

Protest, Protest Forever!

Protest is the message and the physical spaces which are being reclaimed, the medium. The end result is the process. Read More »

Wall Street, Occupied


What is it really like in occupied Zuccotti Park, ground zero for protest? Read More »


#OCCUPYWALLSTREET is true democracy in action. Read More »

The New Face of Education

How a four-year-old protests education cuts. Read More »

The War on Free Speech in America

It's easy to judge how free a country is by the instances of wholesale violation of the liberty of the people. Read More »

Half of Egypt

Egyptian women are taking to the streets today to fight for their rights. Read More »

Power to the People: Revolution in Egypt

Protesters stood strong fighting for their rights against the Egyptian government, and on February 11 2011, they made history. Read More »

Only the Media Can Make Fred Phelps Go Away

Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church have no power unless the media gives it to them. Read More »