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Soy Protein Heals Liver Disease and Reduces Cell Damage in Obese Test Subjects

Researchers have found benefits arise from the consumption of soy protein in addition to providing a healthier choice for nutrition. Read More »

Protein Needs for Kids

Your kids need protein, but maybe not as much as you would think! Read More »

Nutrition for the Elderly

Water in the body declines with age, so numerous older folks will become dehydrated very easily being a change in body composition. Read More »

The Healthiest Way to Eat

What's the healthiest way to eat? All the differing opinions can be so confusing. Here's a simple solution that has worked for many. Read More »

What You Drink Impacts Your Diet, Part Five: Milk and the Dairy Industry

Our beverage expedition takes a rather disturbing detour, the abuses and future of our dairy cows and other livestock. Read More »

Calories: Friends or Foes?

Ten things you should know about calories, and why men can eat more than women and get away with it. Read More »

Manga Review: The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology by Masahuru Takemura

A lesson in molecules by way of comic book style. Read More »