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The Ongoing Struggle of LGBT Americans

Chronicling the trials of LGBT Americans in the past two years, and identifying ongoing troubles. Read More »

It’s a Public Servant’s Job to do What’s Right – Not What’s Popular

Public service is supposed to be about doing what's right and what's moral, rather than following public opinion polls. Read More »

Procreation Is Not the Purpose of Marriage

We are not living in the stone age. Marriage in our civilization has long been an essential right afforded to all heterosexual couples. Read More »

Prop 8 and the Future of the American Family

The American family has been under strain for decades. Read More »

Proposition 8 Overturned

California's Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriage overturned in federal court Read More »

Us and Them: Putting Faces on the “Other”

Much of today's political debates and discussions are thinly disguised instances of "us vs. them." Read More »

The California Supreme Court Properly Decided the Case Involving Homosexual Marriage

The recent California Decision on homosexual marriage has little to do with homosexual marriage. Read More »