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If Found Guilty, Bradley Manning Deserves a Very Long Prison Sentence

Manning may have thought he was doing the right thing, but the way he went about it is inexcusable and unforgivable. Read More »

Music Review: Mono – Holy Ground: NYC Live with the Wordless Music Orchestra

Mono brings a transporting flood of sound, now with an orchestra. Read More »


Dispelling the common myth of the educated liberal. Read More »

Music DVD Review: Peter Gabriel – New Blood – Live in London

Who else misses the old Peter Gabriel? Read More »

Music Review: Dream Theater – A Dramatic Turn of Events

The new Dream Theater Album gets reviewed. Was sit worth the wait? Read More »

Music Reviews: Counting Crows, Rainbow, David Coverdale, Wolfpakk, Loreweaver, Epysode

Reviews of new releases and remasters from a variety of bands and genres. Read More »

Dealing with Obama Fatigue

Barack Obama's policy decisions continue to befuddle both his opponents and his supporters. Read More »

Music Review: Skysaw – Great Civilizations

The ex-Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan drummer forms a new rock trio and puts out one of the better debut records of 2011. Read More »

Man of Reform

Do you believe in reform, or in progress? Read More »

Progressing Into the Stone Age: A Look at America’s Anti-Industrial Revolution

A detailed look at what progressivism has done for Detroit, and what it can do for America. Read More »