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Formulaic Television: The Networks’ Disturbing Trend

The Walking Dead returns Feburary 8

The broadcast networks are sabotaging their long-term futures by consistently producing mediocre and formulaic scripted series. Read More »

TV Review: Elementary – “Dead Man’s Switch”

It's a year since Sherlock's been sober. And in this week's Elementary, he becomes a part of the Crime. Read More »

TV Review: Do No Harm – “Pilot”

NBC's new split personality thriller may be just the right amount of ridiculous. Read More »

TV Review: Elementary: “Child Predator”

Holmes connects with a kidnap victim, who nearly outsmarts the consulting detective. Read More »

Interview: Fairly Legal Producer Opens Up His New Series

Interview with creator and executive producer of new USA series, Fairly Legal. Read More »

DVD Review: Life On Mars – The Complete Collection (The Original UK Series)

A strange English import about a 2006 inspector who somehow ends up in 1973. Read More »

Book Review: Entanglement by Zygmunt Miloszewski

Polish State Prosecutor investigates a death that has links to Poland's Communist past. Read More »

TV Recap: Bones – “The Dentist in the Ditch”

Booth's brother is back with big news, and the crew takes on a body surrounded by red clay! Read More »