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Interdrone: Drone Law – Intended and Unintended Circumstances

drone law

John Abbey, a leader in technology and practices for law enforcement, exposed the crazy quilt of laws that make progress with drone technology difficult if not impossible. Read More »

Surprise! Reuniting after a Military Deployment


What makes for good TV isn't necessarily a good idea. Read More »

It’s Time to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love PRISM


PRISM isn't so much a new program as it is an upgrade of existing initiatives, and I support it. Had it existed 12 years ago, it might even have prevented 9/11. Read More »

Surviving Fame: A Little Narrative of Alter Ego

Alter egos function as a creative method to express multivocality, but also as a ticket to privacy-land for overexposed celebrities. Read More »

Book Review: The Rights of the People: How Our Search for Safety Invades Our Liberty by David K. Shipler

How much will you give up to be "safe"? Read More »

Gliph App for Personal Privacy Control Launches at SXSW

The new Gliph iOS and Android app helps users protect their personal information. Read More »

Somebody Watching Me: Social Media and Privacy

Not just big brother, the whole world is watching on social media. Read More »

Smartphone Spy – Mobile Carriers Caught Secretly Skimming Android User Info

Android devices pre-equipped with Carrier IQ software spy on users' every word without their knowledge. Read More »

Google Wallet is Ready – is Earth Ready for it?

Google Wallet has launched, but is the general public ready for mobile payments? Read More »

Party Game Review: Privacy

A Ballot Box of Fun! ...seriously! Read More »