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Anatomy of a Smear: Heidi Cruz and the “North American Union”

How gullible does David Dewhurst think Texas voters are? His bogus smear campaigns ought to backfire if voters are at all smart. Read More »

Don’t Buy Into the Establishment’s “Inevitability Strategy”

Is it all over but the weeping, or are the barbarians at the gates of the GOP on to something? Read More »

Why Did Mississippi Black Counties Vote for Romney?

But majority-white counties went strongly for Santorum; why is that? Read More »

Super Tuesday Live Chat Event

Live chat with politicos, pundits and pinheads discussing the election returns tonight. Read More »

The Gingrich Deception

Some candidates think you can fool enough of the people enough of the time to steal an election. Read More »

So Long, Perry: Mr. Texas Hangs Up His Ten Gallon Hat

Rick Perry is following Jon Huntsman into the sunset. What does this mean for the rest of us? Read More »

The RNC Should Stand Up for Fair Debates

With the media and state parties picking and choosing who can participate in the debates, Republcan voters deserve a fair look at the candidates Read More »

Despite Past Blunders, NRSC Once Again Campaigning for Perpetual Incumbency

A level playing field in primary elections gives the people a chance to be heard and vote for the changes in leadership we need. Read More »

Devotion To Conservative Principle No Longer Behind Debt Crisis — Now It’s Just Naked GOP Politics Driving Us Off A Cliff

There is but one thing preventing House Republicans from soliving the debt crisis: fear of facing primary opponents in next year's elections. Read More »

Can a Grassroots Pledge Bring Back Honest Primaries in the GOP?

Using a grassroots pledge Fair Primary 2012 hopes to break the stranglehold of incumbency in the GOP. Read More »