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Kosen Rufu – Propagation of World Peace

Nichiren is a form of Japanese Buddhism that emphasizes repeated recitation of the mantra nam myoho renge kyo for health, happiness and enlightenment. Read More »

Athena Film Festival 2014: A Celebration of Women and Leadership

Statistics taken from the festival opening.

2014 Athena Film Festival rocks and inspires at Barnard College in February. Award recipients Callie Khouri, Kasi Lemmons, and Keri Putnam were on hand for the festivities. Read More »

Card Game Review: ‘Mad Quao’


The comical rules are great for those who like a good laugh, and always make for an entertaining round. Read More »

How The Tea Party Helped Obama Defeat the GOP

Obama won the election, but wouldn't have kept control of the Senate without support from the Tea Party. That's right, the Tea Party helped him win. Read More »

Moderate Mitt Tries to Hug It Out

Obama and Romney tangled in the final debate of the campaign, but did Romney play it too soft? Read More »

Obama Dominates Debate With New, Aggressive Fighting Form

Obama came back strong for round two of the presidential debates in what was possibly the best performance of his career. Read More »

Mitt Swings for First, Steals Second

Romney gets to wear the crown for winning the first debate, but at what cost? Read More »

Tipping the Scale

Predicting which candidate will come out on top of the first debate depends on which scale you are using. Read More »

Federal Court Blocks Indefinite Military Detention in the NDAA

If they had any shame, after reading the ruling against indefinite military detention in the NDAA, legislators who voted for the bill would resign. Read More »

The Wake-Up Call of Fail Safe in 2012

Sidney Lumet's Fail Safe offers a perspective on the presidency never more relevant than it is here in 2012. Read More »