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Interview: Nicole Weaver, Author of ‘Not All Americans Are Racist’

"I wrote the essay for anyone who has been a victim of discrimination and especially for America’s youth."

"I wrote the essay for anyone who has been a victim of discrimination and especially for America’s youth." Read More »

Obama Courageous, McCain Political, on Bergdahl Exchange


John McCain is true to form in his accusations of Presidential illegality regarding the Bergdahl release. Read More »

World War W – The Horrific Worldwide War on Women Continues

girls 2

Make no mistake, this war is as dangerous and difficult to fight as any previous conflict, and the enemy is as nefarious as any dictator or opponent that we have ever faced. Read More »

America’s Long-Term Unemployed Can No Longer Be Ignored


Unemployment is not "Fun-employment." And to those that say otherwise, shame on you. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The President’s Devotional: The Daily Readings That Inspired President Obama’ by Joshua DuBois


The former "Pastor-in-Chief" offers 365 passages shared with the president. Read More »

Obama Should Not Rush Into Military Action in Syria

syria 1 reuters

President Obama has a chance to define his presidency at this time, just as President Bush did with Iraq. How he chooses to proceed will set the course for the rest of his time in office and be utilized by both parties in forthcoming elections. Read More »

Riley Cooper’s Racist Slur Is Not Just An NFL Problem – It’s America’s

cooper webpronews

Cooper can make his apologies and seek his counseling, and perhaps he comes back from this, but we cannot let the teachable moment pass. Read More »

New Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Zone Deal Could Become A Reality


The Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Zone could become a reality in the not too distant future. Read More »

How Hackers Outsmarted Journalists and Computers

Human error has been blamed for the media outlet hack and consequental computer-generated financial sell-off. Read More »

President Obama Delivers a Rousing State of the Union Address

President Obama's speech was motivating and inspiring. Read More »