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Fifty Years Later: A Reflection on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy


As the nation remembers JFK fifty years later, I wonder what he would make of us now? Read More »

Interview with Author T.H.E. Hill on his Upcoming Book Reunification: A Monterey Mary Returns to Berlin

Spies, love, and katzenjammer. Read More »

George McGovern Championed Food for Peace

I remember George McGovern for a book he wrote in 1964 called War Against Want: America's Food for Peace Program. Read More »

TV Open Thread: The Kennedys – Part III

ReelzChannel strikes television gold with its sizeable share of viewership for its Sunday premiere. Read More »

TV Open Thread: The Kennedys Parts I and II

There have been multiple retellings of the Kennedy drama and you might ask what's the purpose of Reelz Network's The Kennedys? Read More »

Finish What Ike and Kennedy Started: A Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

This step-by-step progress toward nuclear disarmament needs to go forward, and the CTBT is an essential part. Read More »

DVD Review: Virtual JFK

JFK dropped a bomb on his staff instead of allowing them to drop a bomb or send one fighting man into Vietnam. Read More »