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A 1960s Lexicon of Words of Liberation and Self Defense

Power to the People

Over the decade of the 60s these groups developed and shared a lexicon of words that expressed their desire for liberation. The black community at-large widely used these liberation words and phrases. Recently I have been recalling those words and phrases noticing that I rarely hear them in today’s struggle. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Magical Matthew’ by Penelope Anne Cole

MagMat Cover

Children can learn that their talents can make a difference. Read More »

Book Review: The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

Power contains some good advice on how organizational cultures operate although there are exceptions. Read More »

The Future of China and What it Means for the West

China will have the world's largest economy by 2021 and may soon overtake America as the world’s next superpower. Read More »

In the Dark

The people of Tamil Nadu in southern India are subjected to the whims of the electric power department. Read More »

Go Green with National Trust Green Energy

The National Trust Green Energy scheme (NTGE) is the eco friendly energy tariff designed by energy provider npower and the UK’s National Trust. Read More »

Has Yemen Turned into Another Libya?

A look at Yemen and its president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, on the brink. Read More »

Book Review: Island Beneath the Sea by Isabel Allende

Lessons in power and love from a living treasure of humanity. Read More »

United Nations takes on a Proactive Stance Against Domestic Violence with Firdaus Kharas’ No Excuses

Can humorous proactive intervention reduce the incidence of domestic violence? Read More »

Are You Ready for the Worst Case Scenario?

What's your Plan B? Do you even have one? Read More »