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Interview: Obama Appointee John Hope Bryant, Founder of Operation HOPE and Author of ‘How the Poor Can Save Capitalism’

John Hope Bryant, founder and CEO of Operation HOPE

"America's poor can no longer be defined or stereotyped as inner city minorities living in the ghetto and those in poor rural areas suffering from long-term unemployment." Read More »

Mercy & Sharing 2014 Gala for Haitian Children’s Relief

mercy and sharing haiti

Mercy & Sharing raises money to help the poor children of Haiti. Read More »

Anthem Film Fest: Mind Reboot


Two of the documentaries at the Anthem Film Festival caused my brain to do a reboot. Read More »

Book Review: ‘A Nation Under Judgment: One Nation Apart from God’ by Richard Capriola


A clarion call to the dangers of national pride, indifference, exploitation, current trends, and of the danger of a nation moving away from God’s point of view. Read More »

Six Practical Ways You Can Fight Poverty Around the World


Yes, there really are ways an individual can make a difference. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Behind the Beautiful Forevers’ by Katherine Boo

Behind the Beautiful Forevers

The true, devastating, profound, unforgettable story of life in a New Delhi slum. Read More »

Full Time Wages Should Not Mean Poverty Wages

It simply makes no sense that those working full time should need federal assistance to feed their families. Read More »

The US Recovery, Dow Jones, Sequestration and Pubic Lice

It's time to throw a $16 billion par-tay! Read More »

Take Your Twinkie and Shove It!

On capitalist rapists. Read More »

Book Review: Solomon Snow and the Silver Spoon by Kaye Umansky

Solomon Snow and the Silver Spoon is an engaging book which documents the struggles of the poor. Read More »