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The Ruling Class v. the Country Class: a Populist Fool’s Dream

Why the raging Ruling v. Country class debate is not only nonsensical, but bad for American politics. Read More »

Tokyo Governor Deems Disaster Divine Punishment; Then Apologizes

A review of current Japanese government, religion, and a look at Tokyo Governors suggestion of "divine punishment." Read More »

Notes of a Hatriot: Thoughts on the Wrongest of the Right

The extreme Religious Right proves once agin why it is not at all conservative. Read More »

GOProletarian Revolution: The Rise of Sarah Palin, Populism, and a Cult of Personality

A close look at Sarah Palin, her followers, and the threat they pose to the Republican Party. Read More »

Danger Ahead: Populism, False Prophets, Cult Worship and the “Second American Revolution”

"We the People" have returned to "take our country back" with the help of our Spiritual Leader, Glenn Beck. Read More »

Meet President Obama 2.0

The president seems almost happy that Scott Brown's election will enable him to take his presidency in a new direction. Read More »