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Pope Francis in the U.S.A. – His Mission Was Pastoral and Not Political


During his visit to the United States, Pope Francis made the most important steps the leader of the Catholic Church can make – Christ-like ones. Read More »

Walking as Jesus Did – The Pope Brings Hope to the World’s Poor

pope 4 reuters

What the Pope is saying is in line with the teachings of Jesus, who understood the haves are invariably not as concerned as they should be with the have nots. Read More »

The Duggar Scandal – Religion Is No Excuse For Bad Behavior

dug 1

It is no less hypocritical for Josh Duggar to stand up in public and talk about moral values than it is for a Catholic priest accused of sexual abuse to stand on the altar to celebrate mass. Read More »

Pope Francis Asks for Forgiveness for Priests Who Abused Children – But What About Justice?

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Perhaps we should all pray for theses abusive priests and forgive them, but that does not mean forgetting – now or ever. Read More »

Pope Francis’s Trip to Brazil – In Its Aftermath a New and Amazing Openness

FrancisPlane national catholic reporter

Despite the great opportunity and spectacle of the pope’s visit to Brazil, the even greater sound bites were to be found on Monday during the flight back to Rome. Read More »

Pope Can Unite World in Ending Hunger

Pope Francis can be a powerful leader in uniting all people and faiths in ending world hunger. Read More »

Viva il Papa! Cardinal From Argentina Elected New Pope

One has to like a man who cooks for himself, takes the train to work, and sells off the diocese’s mansion to live in a simple apartment. Read More »

Habemus Papam! Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio is 266th Pope

Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio launches his papacy with several firsts: He is the first to take the name of Francis, the first Jesuit, the first non-European in more than a millennium, and the first ever from the Americas. Read More »