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DVD Review: ‘Doctor Who – The Green Death Special Edition’


Originally in 1973, it is notable as the final serial in which Jo Grant serves as companion to Jon Pertwee's Doctor. Read More »

Yes, You Can Stop Coal

Before 5 pm Oct 31, you can post your comments to "Recommend Permit Denial" Read More »

Book Review: Plastic Ocean: How a Sea Captain’s Chance Discovery Launched a Determined Quest to Save the Oceans by Capt. Charles Moore

Unless you like your sushi with a side of plastic, it's time to stop the plastic pollution in our oceans. Read More »

The Two for One Solution

Al Gore thinks we have an overpopulation problem. If we do, Obamacare will solve it for us. Read More »

Sea Trash by the Sea Shore

A lovely beach, a great day, warm water, and a floating piece of plastic. Read More »

Wanted: Experienced Plumber, Gulf Coast Region

How come in this day and age of massive technological advancements, we can't find a simple solution to stop a leak? Read More »

DVD Review: IMAX: Under the Sea

Join Jim Carrey as he narrates some entertaining and educational tales of life beneath the waves Read More »

Haggling at the Climate Change Talks

Climate change talks never do seem to get anywhere. Read More »

Source of Mass Arsenic Contamination in Bangladesh Traced

Man-made ponds and rice fields irrigated using groundwater may be responsible for arsenic contamination of groundwater in Bangladesh. Read More »

Will the Pill Be Responsible for the Death of Humanity?

Water pollution from contraceptives does much more harm than once thought. Read More »