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An Interview with Patrick Mackeown, Author of The Expendability Doctrine

"It’s difficult to study inhumanity on a daily basis and still believe in goodness." Read More »

Periodically Speaking: Dissent

This respected left-wing journal has been fending off conservative attacks for 50 years. Read More »

Boortz Unveils Fair Tax Grassroots Campaign Plans in Austin

At an appearance in Austin radio talker Neal Boortz revealed audacious plans for the Fair Tax movement in the 2008 primary season. Read More »

Book Review: Moral Minority – Our Skeptical Founding Fathers by Brooke Allen

Moral Minority seeks to tell the story of what the founding fathers truly believed theistically - or whether they believed in God at all. Read More »

I’m Looking Over George Bush’s Shoulder

It's the custom of the US Congress to investigate the activities of the national military and its commander in chief. Read More »

The Limits of Technology

How foolproof are software designs and testing procedures before actual field application? Read More »

Book Review: What A Party! by Terry McAuliffe

A former head of the Democratic National Committee spills the beans on his life with the Clintons and other Dems. Read More »

Book Review: Lenin’s Tomb by David Remnick

Soviet Union was like a closed tomb inside which were trapped living people with destroyed lives. Read More »

Book Review: People Around Us – Edited by Holly Lachowicz and Barbara Seyda

People Around Us is the dark underbelly of Barbara Ehrenreich’s Nickeled and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America. Read More »

When Bad News Is Good News

McCain has more to worry about in Arizona than just the memories of Charles Keating and Lincoln Savings. Read More »