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Book Review: How The States Got Their Shapes by Mark Stein

A fascinating history of how the borders were drawn in the United States. Read More »

Why The Maverick Stands Alone

John McCain won’t win the Presidency. Not because Obama is so much better, but because McCain is a bigger threat to the Neocons. Read More »

Book Review: Mike’s Election Guide 2008 by Michael Moore and The Do-It-Yourself Constitutional Amendment Kit by Nathaniel Whitten

Two new works of political satire each achieve mixed results in combining humor, advocacy and education. Read More »

Book Review: 2030 The Lottery by Peter Moore

In a pseudo-Orwellian peek at a possible British future, Civil war racks Britain. A Pandora’s box’s of mayhem ensues… Read More »

Book Review – You Don’t Know Me: A Citizen’s Guide to Republican Family Values by Win McCormack

A fascinating and trashy spin through Republican scandals. Read More »

Book Review: Blue Dixie – Awakening The South’s Democratic Majority by Bob Moser

Moser should speak loudly to all of us, whether progressive or not. For if we don't hang together in this world, we surely will hang separately. Read More »

Book Review: The Coming China Wars – Where They Will Be Fought and How They Can Be Won by Peter Navarro

Telling people in China, or any developing nation, to give up getting rich quickly is like telling Americans to give up 80% of their wealth. Read More »

Book Review: Unjust Justice by Chantal Delsol

In our eagerness to see justice done we run the serious risk of committing a serious injustice. Read More »

Book Review: The Way We’ll Be – The Zogby Report on the Transformation of the American Dream by John Zogby

John Zogby reports on the future of American values with more than poll results in mind. Read More »

Examining The Faith of Barack Obama With Stephen Mansfield

A discussion of a new book about the faith of the Democratic presidential nominee. Read More »