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Is Obama’s Call for Peace an Impossible Dream?

How global domestic abuse affects you, and what you can do about it. Read More »

Politician Wars

Obama ignores Iraq problems Read More »

Why Do Politicians (of both parties) Think They Know More About Fighting A War Than The Military?

War! Politicians Back Off Read More »

Hey Candidates, Whatcha Reading?

A glimpse into the readings of our political candidates would greatly improve our political process. Read More »

I’d Also Like To Defend Anthony Weiner, But I Can’t, Either

It's not only hypocritical Republicans who want to see Weiner go. He was stupid, and Democrats want him gone, too. Read More »

Oil Prices Not Affecting the Economy

Oil and Our Economy Read More »

Michael Steele’s Coonery Tour Has Ended

Steele, a bright and intelligent person prior to becoming a national political figure, became someone who played up the worst stereotypes of Black in mainstream media. Read More »

No Wonder: Washington DC Has Lowest Unemployment Rate in Nation

Politicians are holding the middle class and working people hostage in their efforts to win more benefits for the rich. Read More »

The Tea Party: Let’s Add More Division

The Tea party is another way to add division among parties. Read More »

A Case for Term Limits: What Politicians Won’t Say (Anything)

Could term limits be the answer to effectiveness and honesty in our politicians? Read More »