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Political Correctness: Western Civilization’s Bizarre, Postmodern Affliction

rotherham scandal

Political correctness has so warped the minds of otherwise rational people in positions of authority in a highly advanced Western country that they allowed the unspeakable abuse of young girls to continue rather than risk even the possibility of being accused, however wrongly, of racism. Read More »

Anthem Film Fest: A Dark Future, but with a Few Laughs


Two products of a libertarian guerrilla film movement in the mountains of the west that are worth seeing. Read More »

Politically-Correct Twain

Does a sanitized version of Twain's masterpieces accomplish anything? Read More »

Can a PC Nation Defend Itself?

The United States has a huge blind spot in the war on terror: political correctness. Is it fatal? Read More »

Demeaning a Whole Group Is Never “Just an Expression”

Thought before action. Read More »

Meet Fire With Fire Indeed

Exactly whom is impressed by the lenient human rights attitude we show our enemies? Read More »