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An Interview With Toni Mikael Korpela: The Rise and Fall of the Pokemon MMORPG

Toni Mikael Korpela talks about his work on the Pokemon MMORPG and Nintendo's Cease and Desist letter. Read More »

Nintendo DS Review: Pokemon White

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Nintendo DS Review: Pokemon: Black

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Manga Review: Inuyasha Volume 56 by Rumiko Takahashi

The concluding chapters of this long running manga series. Read More »

Nintendo DS Review: Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs

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Nintendo DS/DSi 2010 Gift Guide

This hand held wonder offers various holiday season offerings including familiar game series and more Nintendo DSi features. Read More »

Nintendo DS Review: Monster Racers

Gotta catch'em all... by beating'em in races. Read More »

Nintendo DS Review: Bakugan: Battle Trainer

Learn how to train your Bakugan for battle, but do little us in this new Bakugan DS title. Read More »

Pokemon Black and White, Here We Go Again

A look at the available information for the new Pokemon titles and a little bit of speculation. Read More »

Nintendo DS Review: Pokemon HeartGold

Ultimate Pokemon nostalgia hits the DS. Read More »