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Podcasting: Is It The Future Or The Past?

serial podcast

At the grand old age of 59 I have lived through many technology revolutions and have a huge interest in the subject. The traditional way to get the news was through a newspaper. I liked the format. You never knew what was going to happen next. Turn the page and you found a whole new vista of discovery. The problem ... Read More »

“Serial” Podcast Reveals a National Appetite for Storytelling


NPR's "Serial" has caught the nation by storm (and surprise). Read More »

My iPod Addiction Meets My Book Addiction

An iPod filled with podcasts about books and literature is devoutly to be wished Read More »

My iPod Addiction: Podcasting

Podcasting can be dangerous to your "life." Read More »

Ariel Publicity Assails the Gatekeepers

New media spawns a new way for musicians to interact with bloggers, podcasters, and radio stations. Read More »

Mr. Tony is Back

The return of The Tony Kornheiser Show on September 8 was a joyous day. Read More »

My iPod Addiction

iPod addict's dream comes true. Read More »