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Podcasting: Is It The Future Or The Past?

serial podcast

At the grand old age of 59 I have lived through many technology revolutions and have a huge interest in the subject. The traditional way to get the news was through a newspaper. I liked the format. You never knew what was going to happen next. Turn the page and you found a whole new vista of discovery. The problem ... Read More »

“Serial” Podcast Reveals a National Appetite for Storytelling


NPR's "Serial" has caught the nation by storm (and surprise). Read More »

Podcast Review: Going Off Track: “A More than Music Podcast”

Four music industry veterans team up for an unscripted interview podcast show. Read More »

Drawn: Dark Flight: Interviewing Two of the Men Behind the Game

The latest entry from Big Fish uses music to underscore action and create puzzles and drama. Read More »

Screen Time 9/28/10 – Oh to be on The Amazing Race

That's it, Erin Medley and I want in. Read More »

Screen Time 9/21/10 – The TV Season Has Begun!

With the television officially opened, Erin Medley and I had much to discuss this week. Read More »

Screen Time 9/14/20 – Watermelons to the Kisser

Is it okay to laugh if someone takes a watermelon to the face? Read More »

Screen Time 9/7/10: Gazing at the Fall

More fall TV than you can shake a stick at. Read More »

Screen Time 8/31/10 – The Emmys and More!

Tonight we talked about the Emmys and so much more! Read More »

Screen Time 8/24/10 – This Week with a Special Guest!

Daniel Fienberg of HitFix dropped by Screen Time this week to talk all things television. Read More »