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Feeding the Hungry in a Season of Giving

In the Season of Giving, what the individual can do to lead the fight against hunger worldwide. Read More »

Interview: Rajia Sharhan of UNICEF Yemen

Dr. Sharhan gives us some insight into the challenges facing Yemeni families. Read More »

Diane Sawyer on Afghanistan: What about Plumpynut?

Cutting food rations for Afghan children is hardly a way to go about winning the peace. Read More »

Afghanistan: Over a Million Children Likely to Have Food Rations Cut

The growing food crisis in Afghanistan is yet another example of the tragic failure to win peace in that country. Read More »

Underfunded Hunger Relief Mission Resumes in Yemen, but Thousands Displaced

Amid growing unrest, Yemen has an alarmingly high rate of child malnutrition and hunger among the general population. Read More »

Plumpynut to the Rescue in Yemen

More investment in plumpynut and other interventions is needed from the international community to save children in Yemen. Read More »

A Four-Year-Old’s Wish for a Royal Wedding: Ending Hunger

Maybe the little girl's wish for Princess Elizabeth can be transferred to all children who are hungry and suffering today. Read More »

Stopping the Hunger and Despair in Yemen

This hunger crisis in Yemen will have a particularly devastating effect on children. Read More »