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September Woes: Red Sox Pitching Is In Big Trouble

The Red Sox's lousy pitching in the last week couldn't have occurred at a worse time. Can the BoSox rebound before it's too late? Read More »

Commissioner Bud Selig Talks About Expanding Playoffs and Realignment

The off field news is actually bigger than the on field news at the All-Star Game. Read More »

Who Dat? Dat The Seahawks Beating Them Saints, 41-36

And that, kids, is why they play the games on the field. Read More »

Major League Baseball Playoffs: A Change Has To Come

Major League Baseball needs changes to the postseason to make it longer and make the games more relevant. Read More »

NHL Playoff Preview: Penguins-Senators

Things to watch for in the playoff series between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Ottawa Senators. Read More »

Did McCoy’s Injury Expose The BCS?

CFN's Matt Zemek says this is a reason why we need playoffs. We might need them, but it has nothing to do with injuries. Read More »

A 12-Team College Football Playoff Proposal

Include 11 conference championships and the top independent, and let them figure it out. Read More »

College Football Playoffs: 5 Reasons Why They’re NOT Necessary

Who needs a playoff system when college football is the most talked about sport for 33% of the year? Read More »

THF: Playoffs Heal All Wounds, Even Self-Inflicted

Also: Serena Williams makes a mockery of her craft more than we ever could. Read More »

Getting the House in Order

As long as that order isn't ninth. Read More »