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Stranger Danger: “Help” Offered by Roadside Men


It's best to decline a helping hand from someone licking yellow cheese puff dust off his fingers. Read More »

The Source of the Republicans’ Great Disconnect on Women’s Health

What's the real reason the Republicans have declared war on women's health? Read More »

Homage to the Troops on the Ground

It's a tough job, and there's never a captive audience. Read More »

Cutting Off Funding For Cancer Screenings is Pro Life?

The Komen Foundation is halting funding for breast cancer screenings to Planned Parenthood. It's the 'pro-life' thing to do, apparently. Read More »

Pink? No! Susan G. Komen Foundation Should Be Red – With Shame!

Susan G. Komen Foundation should be red with shame for cutting its funding to Planned Parenthood. Read More »

How Democrats are like Digestive Disorders

Time after time they both have the same painful solutions and results. Read More »

Reproductive Education and Abortion: Does the “Woman’s Right to Know” Act Fill the Information Gap?

While all sides agree there is a gap, they don't agree where it is or how to fill it. Read More »

Ignorance Is Ruining America

Adherence to the Constitution is Necessary to Restore America Read More »

Sen. Jon Kyl Admits to Lying to His Fellow Americans

If debate on Senate floor no longer should be "factual," we truly have arrived in Oz. Kyl proves he is a national disgrace. Read More »

Some Perils of Poverty

Why don’t you come over for some sex, and bring some canned goods? Read More »