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Book Review: The Eden Paradox by Barry Kirwan

Fifty years into the future, the earth is maimed by war and is near collapse from heat exhaustion... Read More »

Book Review: The Adventures of Zeppi: New Friends by C.K. Omillin

The Adventures of Zeppi is sure to become a favorite of children, especially those who love penguins. Read More »

Interview with Charlotte K. Omillin, Author of The Adventures of Zeppi

An exciting new penguin series for kids! Read More »

Interview with the Cast and Crew of Red Faction: Origins

Rebellion on The Red Planet Read More »

DVD Review: How the Earth Changed History

The incredible story of the natural forces that have shaped our history. Read More »

Newly Discovered Saturn Ring Dwarfs All Others

Saturn rings

An unimaginably huge ring is discovered around Saturn. Read More »