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Treating Anxiety and Depression: What’s Faith Got to Do With It?

Treat for depression: what's faith got to do with it?

The documented power of the placebo aligns with the fact that many are finding a spiritual approach holds hope for treating depression and other forms of mental illness. Read More »

Prayer and the Placebo

The effectiveness of prayer leads many to view it as more than a placebo. Read More »

My Nominee for 2012’s Person of the Year: The Health Care Reformer

It may only be February, but I’m ready to submit my nomination for 2012’s Person of the Year. Read More »

Medical Breakthroughs… From The Trash?

Sometimes medical breakthroughs turn up in the most unlikely places… even the discard pile! Read More »

Health Myths and the Future of Medicine

There are many variables to consider when treating a particular ailment. Perhaps the most intriguing is the thought of the patient. Read More »

Reflections on Pain and Love

Part of the problem with pain is that we look at it in mostly physical terms, paying less attention to the mental factors involved. Read More »

Music Review: The Vampire Diaries: Original Television Soundtrack

It's not all that ghoulish, but a compelling set of songs from a variety of contributors nonetheless, including Silversun Pickups, Sky Ferreira, Gorillaz and Smashing Pumpkins. Read More »

Marriage Preparation Courses – For Better or Worse?

Marriage preparation courses -- essential counselling before life with your partner or an unnecessary placebo that holds no guarantee of success? Read More »

Festival Review: Exit Festival 2010, Novi Sad, Serbia

Exit Festival 2010 was full of surprises and fantastic performances but there were the inevitable disappointments too. Read More »

Homeopathy Exposed in UK Government Report

Homeopathy is the placebo effect and should not be provided on the NHS Read More »