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Internet Grassroots Offers Sensible Alternative to SOPA

A collaborative effort on Reddit has produced a working draft of a good legislative alternative to SOPA. Read More »

Pirates’ Guilty Awareness – Cracking Down on Cracked Software

A more subtle way to fight piracy. Does it work? Read More »

Join the Fight for Online Liberty While You Still Have Some

Stand up for freedom on the internet while you still can. Read More »

House Judiciary Online Piracy Hearings Frightening

House Judiciary Committee meets to discuss SOPA, collectively admit they don't know enough, and continue anyway. Read More »

The Unlikely Saviour of PC Gaming

Drink up, me hearties, yo ho! Read More »

Book Review: The Pirates of Somalia: Inside Their Hidden World by Jay Bahadur

A daring book which invites readers to abandon their romanticist and noncritical views of pirates and enterprise of piracy. Read More »

Terrorists on the Way to Gaza Stopped by IDF – Shooting Breaks out on the Boat

Israeli politicians manage to mess up a successful anti-terror operation of the IDF. Read More »

The Alchemist at Work: The Music of Martín Perna in the Digital Era

A musician and an advisor to a record label weigh in on music in the digital era. Read More »

What’s Wrong with the Internet?

Some problems have been with us since the beginning of the Internet and aren't going away any time soon. Let's look at some of the bigger ones. Read More »

Cracking the Code

A look into the murky world of software cracking - its origins and impact. Read More »