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Movie Review: ‘Thanks for Sharing’


Thanks for Sharing may not be the romantic comedy you were looking for, but what you see may be even better than you expected. Read More »

Pyramid Game Review: Pink Hijinks

It's like tic-tac-toe on fire! Read More »

Music Review: P!nk – The Truth About Love

Motherhood has not softened the edges on pop rocker P!nk as she releases her sixth studio album. Read More »

Pink? No! Susan G. Komen Foundation Should Be Red – With Shame!

Susan G. Komen Foundation should be red with shame for cutting its funding to Planned Parenthood. Read More »

Music Review: Glee Cast: “Original Song”

Glee unveils three original songs in this week’s batch of tunes, and Chris Colfer takes on The Beatles. Read More »

Forget You

Why we all need to stop worrying about dropping the "F-bomb" Read More »

My Superpowers Are Gone

Sometimes you're just better off not knowing where your cell phone was lying. Read More »

Music Review: P!nk – Funhouse Tour: Live in Australia

If you're looking for a rock show that's more entertaining than a bunch of middle-aged guys with beards and beer guts, you've found it. Read More »

Music Review: Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment

Not a good stocking stuffer for the Glamberts in your life — They already have it. Read More »