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TV Review: House of Cards – “Chapter One”/”Chapter Two”

Netflix unveils the future of television, with this dark, sometimes silly, anti-West Wing. Read More »

TV Review: The Americans – “Pilot”

FX's new mid-season show manages to be both a nail-biting spy thriller and an oddly touching family drama. Read More »

Television Review: The Following – “Pilot”

Fox's new serial killer drama is a terrific Kevin Bacon vehicle, though not necessarily a good show. Read More »

TV Review: Do No Harm – “Pilot”

NBC's new split personality thriller may be just the right amount of ridiculous. Read More »

Book Review: Recollections of A Marine Attack Pilot by Larry R. Gibson

The author takes you behind the stick of his A-4 Attack Bomber and gives you a first-hand feel for what it takes to do his job. Read More »

TV Review: The Office (US) – “Pilot”

Why the pilot episode of the American The Office is better than the original British version. Read More »

TV Review: Smash – “Pilot”

Smash immediately sets itself apart from Glee, and its high talent demonstration across the board should make it work. Read More »

TV Review: Luck – “Pilot”

Luck has a lot going for it, once one can get past the confusion and unfamiliarity of the world. Read More »

TV Review: Once Upon a Time – “Pilot”

Once Upon a Time begins a fantastical, mysterious tale with high production value. Read More »

TV Review: Enlightened – “Pilot”

Enlightenment is an odd little show with a couple of great performances. Read More »