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DVD Review: Exhale: Core Fusion Power Sculpt

Love yoga, Pilates and strength training? Try Core Fusion Read More »

Book Review: Naked Fitness by Andrea Metcalf

Nothing new and different: The exercises could be more simple and effective, with diet tips the same as what you can find online for free. Read More »

Book Review: Pilates Practice Companion by Alycea Ungaro

A clear book that outlines the benefits of Pilates for our daily lives, including all the instructions needed to get started or progress. Two thumbs up! Read More »

DVD Review: The Pilates Master Trainer Series by Jennifer Kries

I highly recommend this series for any Pilates teacher of any lineage and experience level. Read More »

Book Review: Innovations In Pilates: Therapeutic Muscle Stretching on the Pilates Reformer – A Comprehensive Guide by Anthony Lett

As a Pilates teacher, I feel that this book demeans what I know to be true about classical Pilates exercise. Read More »

DVD Review: Keeping Fit: Strength, Cardio, Pilates

Stay healthy, vibrant and beautiful for life Read More »

Book Review: Ageless Pilates: The Secret to Moving Comfortably, Easily and Pain-free for the Rest of Your Life by Christine Binnendyk

Ageless Pilates offers a good solid introduction to Pilates-based exercise for the general public. Read More »

DVD Review: Fit in 5: Ultimate Body Blitz

Five routines, five instructors, five disciplines. Read More »

Product Review: FitDeck Mobile v2.0 Pilates App for BlackBerry

A convenient Pilates app for your BlackBerry or other smartphone that allows you to do an effective Pilates workout anywhere. Read More »

DVD Review: Weight Loss Workouts

Three full-solution programs to blast fat and build muscle. Read More »