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Interview: Alinka Rutkowska, Author of ‘Cinderella’s Secret Slipper’

"Writing picture books is very different from writing any other fiction. "

"Writing for children is both an art and a science." Read More »

Book Review: ‘Spartan & The Green Egg’ by Nabila Khashoggi


With its vibrant illustrations by Manuel Cadag in a comic book style presentation, I have to say that we more than enjoyed the book. Read More »

Interview with Debut Author Christy E. Bykowski, author of ‘Gluten Free Me: Beckmin Goes to School’

Gluten-Free cover small

Written for children to help them understand and talk about celiac disease, but also informative for adults. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Gluten-Free Me’ by Christy E. Bykowski

Gluten-Free cover

A new children's book helps kids and adults understand wheat-based allergies. Read More »

Graphic Novel Review: ‘Darth Vader and Son’ by Jeffrey Brown


Brown recognizes that all the things older Star Wars fans hate are the same things that kids love. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The OWL Who Couldn’t WHOO’ by LeeAnna Kail

The Owl who cover

We don't need to change who we are or do things to make people like us. Read More »

Interview with Salvatore “Sal” Barbera, Author of Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow


"Have you ever wondered what your pet dreams about?" Read More »

Book Review: Baby Come Home by Elizabeth Kail Arnita

Children will learn valuable life lessons as Baby journeys from his beautiful garden and into the big world around him. Read More »

Book Review: Zombie Cat: The Tale of a Decomposing Kitty by Isabel Atherton and Bethnay Straker

Zombie Cat is a delightfully macabre picture book for adults and older children about a zombie cat and his master. Read More »

Book Review: ABC’s of Health and Safety by Melissa Abramovitz

As readers follow the journey from A to Z and learn the alphabet, they will also explore and learn important tidbits about health basics and safety habits. Read More »