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Charity Milers Feeding Children in the Philippines

School meals are helping children in conflict-affected areas of the Philippines (WFP/Fahima Abdulaziz)

See how simply exercising with the Charity Miles app helps feed children a world away in the Philippines. Read More »

The Downsides of Owning a Mercedes

It seemed like a good idea at the time, easily the best car I've ever owned, and affordable – and I wish I hadn't bought it. Read More »

China Warns “Armed Confrontation” with the United States

China, angered by U.S. "interference" warns of armed confrontation. Read More »

Winter Holiday Fireside Moments Interview with QVC Model, Sheila Alasha

Snow families, sledding and Nat King Cole make Sheila's Christmas beautiful. Read More »

Against All My Liberal Beliefs, a Libertarian Economy Can Succeed

Libertarian economies are accomplishing feats beyond America's ability. We can do the same, if we're willing to pay the price. Read More »

Does Libertarianism Lead to a Happier Population?

Why are the people of a libertarian third world nation happier than Americans? Read More »

New Divorce Bill Stirs Controversy in the Philippines

Divorce had been a part of Philippine law since Spanish Colonial rule but was prohibited in 1950. A new law to once again allow divorce is being debated. Read More »

Encounters in the South China Sea Taking a Turn for the Worse

The states of the South China Sea region, including China, are escalating from argument to military drills. Read More »

China Promises Peace While Sailors Say They Are Being Fired Upon

Vietnam and the Philippines report serious hostility from the Chinese Navy in oil rich waters. Read More »

So Why Would I Want to Move to a Third World Country?

Especially when it's dirty, corrupt, unsanitary, and poverty-ridden? Read More »