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Book Review: ‘I Become You,’ A Novel by Thomas Hughes

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00007]

An s-f novel about a telepathic sheep proves entertaining and mind-bending. Read More »

Movie Review: ‘Automata’

Automata Banderas

An Earth scared by massive solar flares is the setting for a film noir sci-fi adventure which evokes both Isaac Asimov’s "I, Robot" and Philip K. Dick's "Blade Runner", but goes much deeper. Read More »

TV Review: ‘Almost Human’

save almost human

With a great cast and a setting in a crime-ridden near future (2048), FOX's newest scripted drama Almost Human holds a lot of promise as compelling science fiction/police procedural drama. Read More »

Book Review: “How to Build an Android: The True Story of Philip K. Dick’s Robotic Resurrection” by David F. Dufty


The short and very weird life of a real-life android that could have easily been written by Philip K. Dick himself. Read More »

Blu-ray review: Total Recall (2012)

More action than sci-fi, the film offers enough excitement to move it along at a quick pace. Read More »

Book Review: How to Build an Android: The True Story of Philip K. Dick’s Robotic Resurrection by David F. Dufty

How science fiction writer Philip K. Dick became Phil the Android. Read More »

Philip K. Dick: Reflections on the 30th Anniversary of his Death

The writer who gave us Blade Runner and Minority Report. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: The Adjustment Bureau

Intriguing concept but falls flat. Read More »

Adapting Philip K. Dick’s Ubik

With more information slowly filtering through about the planned Ubik film, what might be in store for Philip K. Dick fans? Read More »

Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

Damon and Blunt give us a romantic subplot worth rooting for in this fantastic Philip K. Dick adaptation. Read More »