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Book Review: Shelter Puppies by Michael Kloth

Pictures and stories of puppies in search of their "forever homes." Read More »

Putting a Price on a Pet’s Life

To you, your dog's life is priceless. To the vet, It's a gold mine! Read More »

Book Review: The Bad, The Good and Two Fly Fishing Women by Randy Kadish

A fly fishing and family oriented dream. A life of simple pleasures. Read More »

Empathy for an Aging Puppy

Perhaps the signs of ageing in our pets saddens us because we share many of their symptoms. Read More »

Interview: Tim Vandehey and Annie Greer, Authors of The Chimp Who Loved Me

Meet a couple of authors who bring a whole new meaning to the lives of chimps, hamsters, pigs, and tons of other animals! Read More »

The Passing of a Pet: He Was Not Just a Dog

I told him before he died that he was going from my arms into my mother's, and I don't know if that thought comforted him, but it did help me. Read More »

Book Review: Simon’s Cat: In His Very Own Book & Simon’s Cat: Beyond The Fence by Simon Tofield

It is next to impossible to resist the charming humour of these books. Read More »

Book Review: The Venom of Vipers by K.C. May

K.C. May has developed a world of the future, easy to foresee and disturbing in nature. Read More »

Book Review: Dewey’s Nine Lives by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter

The cat that captured America's hearts returns, to share more of his special brand of magic. Read More »

Book Review: Restored Hope by Brenda Youngerman

Restored Hope heals with the touch of love and hope. Read More »