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Talking About Tea Evokes Many Happy Memories


Back when businesses were just discovering computerization, I worked for J. Lyons & Co, the "Tea People," in South Africa. Read More »

Book Review: The Future of Looking Back by Richard Banks

How will we reminisce when all our bits of data are obsolete or vanish in the cloud? Read More »

The Five Immutable Laws of Moving House

Moving? Don't try too hard to make it painless. It'll be time wasted. You're fighting against universal laws here, my friend. Read More »

Abuse And Forgiveness

Asking me, or anyone, to forgive their abuser is like asking us to return to being a victim. Read More »

Stereotypes, Zumba, and Me

Maybe I got started off on the wrong foot, but this latest exercise craze does little for my self-esteem. Read More »

Retro Redux: Still Waitin’ For That Train

A theory about the beginnings of a lifelong interest -- some would call it an obsession. Read More »

Our Hairy Jewish Bodies, Ourselves

A meditation on the wonders of life as a hairy Jewish guy, leavened only by some anxiety over hobbit ears. Read More »

Is Twitter the New Voyeurism?

A writer gets out without ever leaving the house. Read More »

A Degree of Courage: Advice for Adults Returning to School

An interview with Anne Connor helps adults understand that college isn’t just for kids. Read More »

Retro Redux: Marchin’ To The Train With King Curtis

The song wasn't originally written as a march, but it seemed to work out pretty well this time. Read More »